‘The Urban Monk’ [REVIEW]
We live in a crazy world. Stress is all around us and we're always running in different directions. From bad news on TV to working your tail off, kids, soccer, family; when does it stop?  We keep hearing bad news on TV and, despite trying to do all the right things, we're low on energ…
Early Learners Toolbox at Discovery Center
Developing the early minds of our little ones is something every parent strives to do. Leave it to the Discovery Center of the Southern Tier to come up with a fun and entertaining way to help parents.  It's a new program called The Early Learners Toolbox and it takes place Monday thru Thur…
Cherry Flavored Vapor Cigarettes Could Be Toxic
More and more smokers are betting that electric cigarettes are the way to go because they believe they are safer than regular cigarettes.  A recent study finds that certain flavors could mean danger.
According to a study by Thorax and published at Newsweek...
Carrie Underwood Travels With a Whole Gym
You heard stories about artists like Tim McGraw bringing excersise equipment with him on tour, but Carrie underwood is taking it to the next level. She shared some pictures on her Instagram account a couple of days ago of a complete mobile gym for when she is on tour!
Health Benefits of Vinegar
Vinegar is something every house should have for so many reasons.  Maybe you should even have a bottle at work.  I'll never forget the time I had a record rep in my office and she asked if she could take a swig of my apple cider vinegar...
Vote the Best Soup in the Southern Tier
Soup is the perfect food for these cold nights in the Greater Binghamton area.  So who has the best soup in the Southern Tier?  The Clash of the Souper-Heroes is back for its second year.  Hosted by the SUNY Broome Public Relations Practicum Class, the event will be held at the Maine-…
5 Overrated ‘Healthy’ Foods
You're doing great, right? We've officially made it to the second week of January and you've totally got a handle on this whole healthy eating for the new year thing. Yay you! Or...maybe not.

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