Color Run Needs Volunteers For Saturday
The Color Run is this Saturday and the Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier needs volunteers. My wife Dawn and my daughters, Riley and Tara are helping. Can you?
Game Plan to Lower Triglycerides
If your blood test came back showing high cholesterol and/or triglycerides, you are not alone. I'm going through the same thing right now and here is my health plan to treat it.
Weight Loss Statements that are FALSE
The weight loss industry is big, really big and the rumors that have been made up by sales and promotional people in the industry have all but become truth. The reality is that I have found that they simply aren't.
How to Make Natural Bug Repellent
Warnings are already out for a very buggy spring and summer in the Southern Tier. The potential for some serious health problems is greater if you choose not to use bug spray when you go outdoors. I make my own bug spray and it keeps me tick-free all summer long.
Birdsall Does Hot Yoga [VIDEO]
Ever since we've started talking about how excited we are that Hot Cross Run is going be in Binghamton soon, I've heard some ramblings about if it's too hard for the common person to take part in. NOPE!

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