DIFD Game With the Binghamton Mets on Friday
Trying to figure out what Binghamton Met games to go to? Friday (6/10) is a DON'T MISS night. You are encouraged to wear purple on a Firework/DIFD Night with an appearance by mascot "Mrs Met." See how you can get discount tickets to the game here.
Make-A-Wish Open to Grant Special Wishes
Make-A-Wish has been granting special wishes to kids since 1985. They wish that you would participate in this event. You can golf or just come for dinner. It's on Monday, June 13th. Talk about a great reason to take a 3 day weekend.
Habit Breaking Electric Shock Wristband
Need help kicking a habit? Whether its smoking, drinking, drugs, speeding or not completing your fitness goals. This wristband can help. Quite brutally help too! It's called the Pavlok wristband that provides help in a really shocking manner.
The Health Benefits of Yoga!
I kinda dig the way I felt for a few days after doing hot yoga the other day. I was wondering why just some stretching and resistance training would make me feel so good.
Exploding Vape Cause [WATCH]
a vape that exploded in a drivers lap causing a car crash, fire on the mans clothing and burns. I suspected there was an issue with his batteries when I read the story. I took to the closest Vapor King to ask about why the accident happened.

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