A Little Butter Won’t Kill You After All
One of my co-workers brought in some Amish butter from Le Raysville and smothered a cracker with it and told me I didn't have a choice, I had to eat it. And so, I did. And I fell in love with Amish butter.
Each time my co-worker would offer me another cracked with Amish butter, I'd turn her down even…
5 Foods That Aren’t Really Healthy
The New York Times did a survey a little while ago asking people how healthy they thought different foods were.  Then they did the same survey with nutritionists.  Here are five things you might assume are healthy, but aren’t. Again why don't we assume?
Top 10 Summer Kid Dangers
Unless your yard is a fortress you are probably within arms reach of your kiddos at all times. Some State laws require you to be within a few feet of your kids at all times and you instinctively worry about them anyway. CBS News compiled a list of the 10 most dangerous summer kid activities to help …
You Sleep Better On Tuesdays
Hey are you freaking exhausted? No worries mate, tomorrow you'll feel bright eyed and busy tailed! A new study found we sleep better on Tuesdays than any other night of the week!

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