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Titanium Golf Clubs Starting Golf Course Fires [GLENN REACTS]
It's the first full week of Spring. Before you know it, we'll be grabbing our clubs and heading to the golf course. Save some moola by getting the Hawk Clubhouse Card. Speaking of clubs and golf courses: Have you heard what titanium clubs have done at some California golf courses?
National Proposal Day [GLENN REACTS]
Who would have guessed this? Today is National Proposal Day...Really...on a Wednesday......during the basketball tournament (that is madness.)  If you're saying to yourself, "I don't want him to propose to me today," here's some things to discourage him...and it…
Spring Is Here Today [GLENN REACTS]
Winter will be officially over for 2014 at 12:57 today. Spring will be upon us. Today the daylight length (interval between sunrise and sunset) is pretty much the same everywhere....12 hours, 8 minutes. Here are the signs that Spring is here.
Nearly Famous Irishmen [GLENN REACTS]
HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY. Here are some things that you may not know about St Patrick's Day. Here's some nearly famous Irishmen, see how many you know.....Hint: All the names begin with O.
Today Is The 7th Annual World Sleep Day [GLENN REACTS]
Today is the 7th Annual World Sleep Day. The members of the World Association of Sleep Medicine and the World Sleep Day Committee tell us the importance of getting enough sleep.....Really. Here's my thoughts to help you sleep.
Oreo Cookie Celebrates 102nd Birthday Today [GLENN REACTS]
It was on this date March 6, 1912 that 2 decoratively embossed chocolate-flavored wafers met up with a rich creme filling. Yes, Happy Birthday to the Oreo cookie as it turns 102 years old today. Here are some things that you may not know about the Oreo cookie.
National Sleep Awareness Week [GLENN REACTS]
It's National Sleep Awareness Week.  I say if you're not aware of sleep then you just aren't paying attention.  OK, it's about better ways to sleep. The National Sleep Foundation has their ideas and here's my thoughts.
DisneyWorld Raise Prices Again [GLENN REACTS]
Sometimes when business is down, companies will drop their prices.  That's not the DisneyWorld way. They've raised the 1 day ticket to 99 dollars. Epcot Center, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom are all going to 94 bucks. Here's my thoughts.

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