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Dry Golf Conditions Causing Fires On Golf Courses [GLENN REACTS]
It finally looks like the weather has turned for all of us golfers. HOORAY!!! Are you looking to try out some new courses and save money too? Check out the Hawk Clubhouse Card. Speaking of golf: Have you heard what's been happening at some of the California golf courses?
Celebrating Cinco de Mayo [GLENN REACTS]
Happy Cinco de Mayo. It's the "5th of May" the day when Mexico defeated the French army in 1862 at The Battle of Puebla. It's a national holiday in Mexico.  I'm going to celebrate at Moe's, 1257 Upper Front  Street, Binghamton from 12-2.  Here are…
Happy Administrative Professionals Day [GLENN REACTS]
Happy Administrative Professionals Day...formerly Secretary's Day. Do you remember when you could say "Happy Secretary's Day" and it wasn't offensive?  We have an awesome Administrative Professional (Heather), she makes us look great everyday. However, here are …
Manners Kids Should Have [GLENN REACTS]
So we had Easter dinner at our house this year. I noticed how Tara would say "Please" and "Thank you." How she would wait her turn to talk to the adults. At church, she gave some of her candy to the other kids. I'm so proud of what she's become in such a…
Bad Reasons To File For Tax Extension [GLENN REACTS]
HAPPY TAXGIVING DAY. Today is the day that the government wants your money. Traci has some wonderful hints to help you out. Today is also the day you must file your extension but you need a good reason...These are not the reasons to give.
Today Is Golfer’s Day [GLENN REACTS]
Today is "Golfer's Day." Some say the reason it's today is because the first professional golf tournament began on this date in 1916. I think it's ironic that it falls on the first day of the "Master's Tournament," the first major of the year. …
How David Letterman Knew It Was Time To Retire [GLENN REACTS]
Last week, David Letterman announced that he was going to retire in 2015. This week, Jay Leno breaks his silence on David's retirement. My question: Is it really silence when it's been less then a week? To me, it's more like he hadn't gotten around to it yet. Here's how Davi…
Luke Bryan Top Moments From The ACM’S [GLENN REACTS]
The ACM's were last night. The big winner was George Strait. He won "Entertainer of the Year" as voted by you. Some say the loser was Luke Bryan. He gave it the ol college try but he still seemed a little stiff as Blake Shelton's co-host. Here are the top (?) Luke moments…
April Fools Day Pranks To Try [GLENN REACTS]
Today is that special day that comes once a year. A day to do the things that you've always wanted to do but were afraid.....of the consequences. Today you have an excuse..It's the 1st Day of April. Here's some things to try....You're on your own if you try these and you've …
April Is Christmas Tree Month [GLENN REACTS]
April is "Christmas Tree" Month.  In honor(?) of this special occasion, it’s time to point out the differences between a Christmas tree and a date…at least the differences that I can mention here.
Titanium Golf Clubs Starting Golf Course Fires [GLENN REACTS]
It's the first full week of Spring. Before you know it, we'll be grabbing our clubs and heading to the golf course. Save some moola by getting the Hawk Clubhouse Card. Speaking of clubs and golf courses: Have you heard what titanium clubs have done at some California golf courses?

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