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Learning To Grill [GLENN REACTS]
With Labor Day weekend here, my wife, Dawn has decided that I need to learn to grill. It could be tough teaching an old dog new tricks but I'm willing to try. Besides when you grill, there is danger involved so that makes it manly...Now I have to find a grill that has a microwave.
Back To School Humor [GLENN REACTS]
It's Back-to-School Time. It's time for the shopping and returning to school. Some schools in Pennsylvania are returning today....Where did the summer go?  As our teens get ready for their return, let's brush up on our Political Correctness for Teenagers.
Divorce Products [GLENN REACTS]
It may be wedding season but unfortunately half of them do not "end happily ever after." Surprisingly, Christian marriages don't fair much better.  You may have heard that it takes a woman only 6 days to pull the trigger and end a relationship...ouch. If she wants a divor…
Signs You’re Not A Twitter Expert [GLENN REACTS]
It's a Twitter world and we just live in it. Some of us are just taking longer to find it. I realize if I want a conversation with my kids about events then I better find this place. Here is how you know if you are new to this world.
Weird Tricks To Keep Cool This Summer [GLENN REACTS]
It's summer (although Christmas Eve is only 5 months away) and the temperature keeps rising. It's making many of us miserable. Here's some ways that you can use to keep yourself cool. Remember this advice is worth what you paid for it.
Traci And Jay’s Three Month Anniversary [GLENN REACTS]
Well congratulations to Traci and Jay. Today is their 3 month anniversary. The 3rd of many months and eventually years. In their honor, I give you the 5 most baffling, annoying questions that you get asked when you cross the threshold from single to married.
The Real Reason You Drink Coffee [GLENN REACTS]
So there is a new study that gives us healthy reasons to drink coffee. One of the reasons is it boosts brainpower...That's why Traci is the smart one on the Hawk Morning Show. So we can say we drink coffee for healthy reasons but this the truth to why we LOVE it.
Bad Breakup Texts [GLENN REACTS]
It's "Cell Phone Courtesy" month. People do many things with their cell phones....Some even make phone calls with them. It's good to know the does and the dont's. Here's a definite DON'T....Don't break up by text with your cell phone. However 1 in 10 b…
Signs You Had A Bad Father’s Day [GLENN REACTS]
This Father's Day, Tara made me breakfast in bed. She said "It's a special breakfast for a special dad."  It was cereal with strawberries in it, along with extra strawberries. I LOVED IT. I had a great Father's Day, here are signs that you weren't so lucky:
Obama Puts Cap On Student Loan Payments [GLENN REACTS]
With his Executive Pen, President Obama has put a cap on student loan payments. It caps loan payments at 10% of income. Any balance remaining after 20 years would be completely forgiven. Let's not forget the sweetheart deal for government employees: Any remaining debt is forgiven after 10 years…

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