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The Name of the Comet That Philae Landed on [GLENN REACTS]
As you know by now the Philae comet lander reached the surface of a comet last Thursday. It was able to collect some data before going silent on Saturday. The name of the comet is 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.
I know for a fact that I'll never be able to remember, let alone pronounce that, so here …
Butterball Hotline Is Now Open [GLENN REACTS]
My 10-year-old niece, Braedyn, is going to cook the turkey this year for Thanksgiving. Well, I've seen how her mother cooks, so she's going to need help. So I'm giving her my giving her the Butterball Hotline number.  Here's some other helpful advice from your favo…
National Men Make Dinner Day [GLENN REACTS]
The first Thursday in November is National Men Make Dinner Day (11/6)! So men, let's cook!
Now I understand that there are many questions women may have regarding this special day, so I'm here to help.
Turning 50 [GLENN REACTS]
First and foremost, thank you to all who sent me birthday wishes yesterday. Yes, it's true, I have been welcomed into AARP with open arms.
I was apprehensive about joining at first but when my wife, my momma, my daughter and my female work partner tell me to sign up, then I better sign up. Here …
Glenn’s Favorite Halloween Jokes [GLENN REACTS]
Halloween is here tomorrow. Do you want to impress your co-workers with some good Halloween jokes? Here's one, in honor of the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series: Why do ghosts go to baseball games? Because they like to boo the umpire. Feel free to use these jokes at your own discre…
Weird Online Halloween Costumes [GLENN REACTS]
Halloween is this Friday. Time is running out if you want to get your costume online. Costumes can be weird but they can be weirder if you buy them on the internet.  Here's a list of costumes that you can buy online and my thoughts.
What Was Happening In 1985 [GLENN REACTS]
Tonight is Game 1 one of the World Series between San Francisco and Kansas City. One team is looking for their 3rd title in 5 years (SF) and the other is trying to win for the first time in 29 years (KC). I did the math that's 1985. Here are some things that were (or weren't) happening the…
How To Have Success On Sweetest Day [GLENN REACTS]
Today (10/19) is "Sweetest Day." It's the 3rd Saturday in Hawktober.  It's either a made up Hallmark holiday or it's a day of "loving" but not just loving but "great loving."  So here's my free advice for succes…
National Grouch Day [GLENN REACTS]
Today's the day for all the Grouch's out there to do a little gripping. It's National Be a Grouch Day. What happens to you that makes you a Grouch? Here's mine:
What Men Will Never Understand About Women [GLENN REACTS]
Cosmo's has an article about things that men will never understand about women. If your asking, "Glenn why are you reading Cosmo?" I say "Shhhh." Here's what Cosmo says and why I don't get it. Things we (men) will never understand about women:
It’s National Toilet Tank Repair Month [GLENN REACTS]
Hawktober is "National Toilet Tank Repair" month. It's to raise awareness of the amount of wasted water that results from a leaky toilet.  Here are Glenn Pitcher's porcelain tips to prevent plumbing problems....That's a lot of P's.

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