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How You Know You’re Ready for Winter to Be Over [GLENN REACTS]
So are you tired of winter? Bad news, it's not done with us yet. More snow and bitterly cold temperatures are coming. Tonight it'll feel like 25 below with the wind chill and colder yet on Thursday night with wind chills at -30.
This February could be one of the coldest in history! Here are…
President’s Day Facts [GLENN REACTS]
Today is President's Day or as I like to call it, 'National Check the Mailbox for No Reason Day'.
Here are my top 5 fun (and mostly true) facts about our Presidents! I never understood why they're called 'fun', but here you go.
Should Your First Date Be On Valentine’s Day? [GLENN REACTS]
Valentine's Day is Saturday. I did an informal survey with Interns Skitter and Brianne and American Idol Ashley. My question was: What are your thoughts on a first date on Valentine's Day. All 3 were pretty much against it.  But men if you're determined to do it anyway then …
Beware of These as Valentine’s Day Gifts [GLENN REACTS]
Tick tock, tick tock. Valentine's Day is Saturday and time is running out. It's time to panic! But before you do something rash and get the wrong thing, here are some items to avoid this year. Unless you're looking for a one way ticket to Splitsville.
Why We Should Celebrate Groundhog’s Day [GLENN REACTS]
Well, surprise, surprise. It's another 6 weeks of winter. Punxsuntawney Phil saw his shadow.
Today is one of my favorite holidays and not because 'Groundhog Day' is one of my favorite movies. Maybe it's because I like to repeat myself. Anyway, this is why we should celebrate.
Easy Big Game Food Ideas [GLENN REACTS]
Is it your turn to cook at your house before the game on Sunday? Traci has some awesome Big Game appetizer ideas.
Maybe you're more like me and only cook once a year. Here are some ways to make it look like you worked hard, without all the effort.
Winning Game Plan for the Big Game [GLENN REACTS]
Sunday is the Big Game and it's your turn to host the party at your house. To quote my daughter Tara, "Do you have a plan?"
Well here's a game plan for a winning Sunday according to those who know more about it than I do.
Meaningless Facts About the Big Game [GLENN REACTS]
Alright, so can we stop talking about 'Deflate Gate' now? Please. I know nothing's been solved and it made for a funny Saturday Night Live skit, where we found out about Assistant Equipment co-manager, Dougie Spoons, but let's talk about the important stuff. Like, how many footba…
What Your Beer Says About Your Politics [GLENN REACTS]
Last night did you take time to 'enjoy' the State of the Union address? Me neither. Some play a State of the Union drinking game, which I'll explain later.
In honor of Binghamton On Tap and last night's speech, let's take a light (light beer) look at what your choice of beer …
Unwritten Rules in Life [GLENN REACTS]
Life is interesting and can be fun. There are only a few unwritten rules in life. My question is "Why can't they be followed?"  I thought it was common sense but apparently not. Let me see if I can help. Here ya go.
Ways to Make Your Life Easier [GLENN REACTS]
Everyday life is hard and we're so busy these days. Wouldn't it be awesome to make it easier without working hard for it? Well, here ya go. These are in no particular order of course because that would be too much work.
Old-Fashioned Home Remedies [GLENN REACTS]
With sky-rocketing prices of healthcare. I was sure I heard somewhere that premiums would fall under Obamacare. Maybe I was dreaming it, or was it a nightmare? So when we feel ill, we try grandma's old-fashioned home remedies. It's amazing what you can do with vodka, a pencil or ice cream.

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