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National Proposal Day [GLENN REACTS]
Who would have guessed that today is National Proposal Day? Really? During the basketball tournament? That is madness!
Eric Paslay had a great proposal to his wife. But if you're saying to yourself, "I don't want him to propose to me today," here's some things to disc…
Basketball Madness Pick-up Lines [GLENN REACTS]
The madness is here. We have the Million Dollar Bracket Challenge that everyone can participate in. Emily and I are making a friendly wager. It's a wager where there is no real winner.
Basketball has it's pick-up games and now the madness has it's pick-up lines. Here ya go.
How You Know Your Leprechaun Is Unlucky [GLENN REACTS]
If you read Traci's story about St. Patrick's Day, you know a little about Leprechaun's. No, that's not supposed to be a short joke.
Did you know that there are no female Leprechauns? They dress in bright colors, oh great, another dress controversy.
So you've caught a Leprecha…
St. Patrick’s Day Is Here [GLENN REACTS]
We all know that St. Patrick's Day is here. One way we know is that Traci is giving us some tasty Irish recipes.
By the way, I just found out that I'm Irish! I'll tell you how at the end, but first, here are other ways that we know St. Patty's Day is here.
Nearly Famous Irishmen [GLENN REACTS]
The St. Patty's Day Parade in Binghamton is tomorrow, March 6th. It steps off at 1:30.
Some have asked, "Why is it 2 weeks before St. Patrick's Day?"  I'll tell you at the end, but in honor of the occasion, we have nearly famous Irishmen, see how many you know. H…
Oreo Cookie Celebrates 103rd Birthday Today [GLENN REACTS]
It was on this date, March 6, 1912, that 2 decoratively embossed chocolate-flavored wafers met up with a rich creme filling. Yes, Happy Birthday to the Oreo cookie as it turns 103 today!
Here are some things that you may not know about the famous cookie.
Obnoxious Things Parents Do [GLENN REACTS]
Traci is always telling me that I need to start saving now in order to pay for my daughter, Tara’s, future therapy since I'm always embarrassing her. Me, embarrass my daughter? No way!
National Sleep Awareness Week [GLENN REACTS]
It's National Sleep Awareness Week.  I say, if you're not aware of sleep then you just aren't paying attention. Alright, it's about better ways to sleep, but still. When it comes to snoozing, this is what the National Sleep Foundation and I think.
Disney Parks Prices Are Rising Again [GLENN REACTS]
Sometimes when business is down, companies will drop their prices. Well, that's not the Disney way.
They've raised the price for Disney Parks as of February 22nd. It's now $99 for anyone 10 and older, for a day at Disneyland or California Adventure. Disney World is now $105. Here'…
First Date Do’s and Don’t’s [GLENN REACTS]
So you took our advice from Friday and didn't go on your 1st date on Valentine's Day, right? Instead, you're going to try it this weekend, correct? I did an informal survey with the interns (because they had no choice), American Idol Ashley and any other woman that would answer my que…

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