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Richard Sherman’s Favorite Movies [GLENN REACTS]
A couple of weeks ago Seattle corner back Richard Sherman made quite a name for himself. He knocked away a pass intended for Micheal Crabtree in the end zone in the closing seconds of the NFC championship game and propelled the Seahawks into the Big Game on Sunday.  He was interviewed after the…
Beware Of Counterfeit Tickets [GLENN REACTS]
The Big Game is this Sunday night. Since the game is only a couple hours away, I have some friends thinking about going. Caution: Counterfeiters are getting good at passing off fake tickets, like this guy. Here's how to tell.
Bizarre Job Interview Questions [GLENN REACTS]
I'm doing a job fair with Maine's Paper & Food today from 3-6 at Darden Warehouse, 215 Broome Corporate Parkway in Conklin. They are doing on-the-spot interviews. They probably won't be asking these questions.....but other companies have.
Glenn’s 5 Worst Nightmares [GLENN REACTS]
For whatever reason, I've been dreaming a lot lately. In the past, I could fly. Although when I fly in my dreams, I doggie paddle like I'm in a pool. I don't fly very fast either. Recently in my dreams, it's me and someone else and I can't see who it is. Here are some other …
Ways To Be Irresistible To Women [GLENN REACTS]
This one is for the single guys.  You're planning on going to the World's Largest Singles Party tomorrow (1/24). You want to look good for the ladies but not sure what to do.  We can't ask them....that would make too much sense. Men's Health has come to the rescue with …
NFL May Eliminate The Extra Point [GLENN REACTS]
You may have heard that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is thinking about getting rid of the extra point because it's too automatic. This year only 5 extra points were missed out of more than 1,200 attempts. Here's my thoughts.
Oscar Nomination List Is Out [GLENN REACTS]
The 2014 Oscar nominations are out.  To check out the complete list go here. My biggest surprise is that "Captain Phillips" got a nod for Best Picture but Tom Hanks was snubbed for the movie.  In fact, Tom Hanks was completely snubbed. Here's why your movie didn&apos…
Where Has The Time Gone [GLENN REACTS]
I'm turning 50 later this year. Wow, where has the time gone. It's an age that I realize there are more years behind me than ahead. I'm hoping the best is still to come. This is what else I've discovered.
5 Reasons For The Velveeta Shortage [GLENN REACTS]
By now, I'm sure that you've heard that we might be in for a Velveeta shortage when the Big Game rolls around on Groundhog Day. I still think that it's Kraft's way of getting free publicity...and it's worked. Here are 5 other possible explanations.
It’s Manwatcher’s Week [GLENN REACTS]
How did I miss this? This one is for the men. It happens the 2nd week in January. It's Manwatcher's Week. Here's a little help for the men. Do you want to be watched? Then DON'T do this.

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