Four Weight Loss Myths
A couple of doctors at the University of Michigan wrote an article where they called out four myths almost everyone believes about losing weight:
Myth #1: You just need to make a few small changes in your diet. It depends on how "small" the changes are...
Woman Trys To Feed 30,000 with Coupons
There's a 29 year old woman named Lauren Puryear who works with people with mental health issues. She's a single mom and has her hands full. About four years ago, she formed a charitable organization called The Love of Others  in Woodbridge, New Jersey, that provid…
What Your Body Does on Pumpkin Spice Latte
The all powerful Pumpkin Spice coffees are back, and it really shouldn't surprise you that they aren't very good for you. If youre like me you wonder just how freaking bad they truly are for your body.  Put your ears on... Here's what happens to your body when…
Unlimited Pasta at Olive Garden
Last year Olive Garden offered two thousand passes to the public at one hundred dollars a clip to have seven weeks of unlimited pasta. Which sold out in less than a freaking minute.  They've brought it back!
They now have 21,000 unlimited pasta passes to sell at the same price...
One More Fair to Catch this Month
If you are bummed that fair season is over, then you need to know about a fair coming up later this month that has a strong country concert lineup ready to entertain you.

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