Saying Goodbye to a Friend
I've known Jim for over 15 years. I'm sad to see him go but I'm happy for him and his family. Find out why I call him "Chef Jeff whose name is Jim."
Dad O.D.’s Heroin to Teach Son a Lesson
Here's more proof that parents will do anything to save their kids' lives.  Literally, anything. There's a 45 year old total Hardcore of a man living in Brooklyn, New York named Sergey Gnatovskiy.  His 23-year-old son Maykl is a heroin addict who recently got out o…
This Is Adorable
A Dad Walked His Daughter to Her Very First Day of School.
...and Now to Her Last Day
my dad walked me to school on my very first day & today he walked me to school on my very last day
— Brittany Gayler (@BrittanyGayler) May 25, 2017
There's a tweet going vi…
Divorce Selfies — New Trend?
So I ask myself, Self! When is it ok to take a selfie? We know that wakes and funerals are bad places to do that. Especially inside the viewing area. But there's a new trend that seems like it would be quite macabre as well...
Divorce Selfies
Yep, couples are taking selfies while they're get…

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