How Much Cash Do You Give For a Wedding Gift?
DJ-ed a wedding this weekend for The newly wedded Westons and they had this family barn decked out! The lights were arranged incredibly. Goes to show that you can make a place look awesome with just some twinkle lights in assorted colors! Check the video out to see what I speak of...
Happy Father’s Day To My Dad, Carl
Happy Father's or as I call it "Pops" weekend to all. I'm grateful that God gave me Carl to be my Dad and here's why I'm thankful to have him for my dad.
20 Country Songs About Dad
If your dad is a sucker for emotional, heart string pulling stuff, why not surprise him with a video made of old photos and set to one of these country songs about fatherhood?
Get Your Kids To Eat Veggies![VIDEO]
Apparently its pretty simple, you just give the veggies more awesome of a name!
Researchers at Stanford University hung out in lunchrooms to find out what works. They simply started flipping the signage for the vegetables out a ton of times with different names on them...

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