Good News Monday: 2 Chances to Win $1,000 Today
It's Good News Monday. We have Good and Bad news to share today. Which do you prefer the good or the bad first? That always seems to start a debate. Personally, I like the bad news first.
Here's the bad news, today is the final day that we'll give you a chance to help 'Pay Your Bi…
Good News Monday: 2 Chances to Win $1,000 Today
There's a lot of Good News today. Maybe it's a short work week and time together with family. For others, it's a chance to win $1,000 today.
For me, it's a chance to celebrate "National Eat a Cranberry Day."
Win Your Hawk Holiday Party Invite [SPONSORED]
98.1 The Hawk is giving you the chance to win one of twenty fabulous prizes at our Hawk Holiday Party! 20 winners and their guests will the be invited to join your favorite Hawk personalities for a party at the Schorr Family Firehouse Stage on Wednesday, December 9th.
Glenn’s New Magic Trick Could Get You $1,000 [WATCH]
I've been a one trick magician for years. It's the "Disappearing Foot" trick. It's so bad that Tara won't let me do the trick around her friends. When she did her magic trick during the Kalurah Shrine Circus in April, she wouldn't let me perform it there ei…
Sharing Thankfulness Through MSTY [CONTEST]
MSTY is the hottest and first ever music messenger mobile app that allows you to combine music with photos and your own words. We want you to experience the awesomeness for yourself this Thanksgiving and you could win a grab bag filled with station swag!

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