Pro Football Pick’em Challenge Week 3
It's week 3 of the Pro Football Pick'em Challenge. It begins tonight and it begins with Blind Squirrel (Traci Taylor) as our overall leader....I'll refer to her as BS from here on out. Can you catch her?
Pro Football Pick’em Challenge Week 2 Goes To Traci Taylor
It's been one of those year for for the NFL. Teams that you think are going to win (N.O over Cleveland, San Fran defeating Chicago, Seattle over San Diego) don't and the underdogs win. It's a good year to guess...just ask Blind (Traci Taylor) Squirrel.
Pro Football Pick’em Challenge Week 1 In The Books
Week 1 of the Pro Football Pick'em Challenge. The one time I pick the Giants to win and they stink up the joint....Easy Giant fans, I'm also aware that Washington was awful too. My week was partially saved when Arizona came back to defeat San Diego in the 4th.  So the week 1 winner is…
The Humane Society’s Doggie Duck Dash Is Saturday
It's "The Humane Society's 2014 Doggie Duck Dash" this Saturday beginning at noon in downtown Binghamton. Tara and her friends were busy tagging the ducks on Tuesday and they hope to see you for this worthy cause.
Dog Show Coming to Apalachin August 14-17
When organizers of the Hickories Circuit Dog Show were discussing putting on a dog show or a golf tournament, the choice was simple, they decided to do a dog show.  After all, everyone can pet the dogs, just ask first, but you can't really pet golfers.  The golfers I know don't l…
World Cup Fever USA Vs Germany Today At Noon [GLENN REACTS]
Ready for the World Cup’s #WW3? That's the hashtag that's trending as the USA team gets ready for it's battle against Germany today at noon. They need a win or tie to advance to the field of 16. Many will take long lunches or a half day to watch the game. Here's how you kno…

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