Zac Brown Band Makes History
Zac Brown Band always goes above and beyond in their music. Each of their records has a different sound and feel to them. They released an EP with Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. They have collaborated with artists such as, Sheryl Crow, Clay Cook, Jason Mraz, and Alan Jackson.
Glenn’s Throwback Thursday – Toby Keith
We are less then 80 days away from the Taste of Country Music Festival! Did you know that you could win 3 day passes to the event? You only have until April 6th so don't procrastinate.
Now, on to my Throwback Thursday or as I call this one, 'Toby Throwback Thursday'.
Why You Need the Taste of Country Music Festival App
Well, it's official. The 3rd Annual Taste of Country Music Festival is under 80 days away! If that's not the most exciting thing you've heard all day, then you're a liar. Just kidding (not). ToC Fest is not something you can "wing." It takes a lot of preparation…
Brad Paisley Makes A Fan’s Dream Come True
As fans, it's a pretty strange thing loving an artist or band with such intensity. Sometimes, it can be a little disappointing when we realize how much we love them when they don't even know who we are! Well, when one fan of Brad Paisley's put a video on YouTube, mentioning his love a…
What You Might Not Know About Frankie Ballard
Okay, so this is what we know. It's the first ever Hawk Country Lights at NYSEG Stadium, Friday, July 10th with Frankie Ballard! Tickets are just $15 dollars!
Here's what you might not know about our show.
Bluegrass Festival Saturday in Vestal
My first exposure to bluegrass music was at the Rooney Fest with my dentist of all people.  Bluegrass is a pure form of music and if done true to its roots, is played acoustically with no electric instruments.

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