Don't you hate when you go out for a bite to eat and stare at the menu trying to decide whether to get the burger or the pizza? This always happens to me and as soon as I get what I ordered, I wish that I'd gotten the other thing. That'll never happen to you again. If you visit Japan.

I'm not really sure how to describe this, but the word 'monstrosity' comes to mind.  It's called a 'megaburgerpizza' and is described as being made with thick beef patties sandwiched between two 11 inch pizzas loaded with sauce and cheese.  Sounds decent, right?  But wait- it gets better.

Just typing this next part is making my mouth pucker up. In addition to the beef and pizza and cheese and sauce, this strange concoction is also slathered with ketchup, onion, pickles and mustard.

Um, no thank you.

The pizza costs about $26, which is relatively cheap if you think about it, but still. That's just a little too much for my palate.

Oh, and speaking of stranger burger concoctions, this one is no doubt the dream of many college kids.  The new hot trend is a burger on a ramenbun. Yep, as in ramen noodles- the food you lived off of in collage and swore would never touch your lips again.  The ramenbun is pretty much what it sounds like. It's a hamburger bun made of fried ramen noodles and from everything I've read, it's all the rage.

I think I'll pass on the ramenbun too.