When I was a kid, I had a big army duffel bag stuffed full of Barbies and I lugged that bag (which was bigger and heavier than me) all over the place.  When I grew up, my Barbies went to my little sister and then eventually were dispersed among the other kids in my family.

Over the weekend while I was having a sleepover with my 4-year-old niece, she pulled out “her” Barbies for us to play with and I was happy to see that a few that had been mine as a child were now part of her collection.

So many of my childhood memories are wrapped around times I played with my Barbies, but sadly it seems that Barbie is losing some of her popularity because sales have been plummeting.

These days Barbie has taken a backseat to Monster High Dolls, American Girl dolls, and Disney princesses.

So does this spell the end for Barbie, or does she just need to cool her heels in her Malibu Beach house until this whole thing blows over?

I hope it’s just a cool down and not the end.