How could I not buy a candy bar from Glenn Pitcher's daughter who's raising money for her church youth group? doing this, have I committed myself to buy something from every co-worker's kid when they're raising money? Have you ever helped out a co-worker when they've given you the sad eyes and begged you to help their kid?  Did all your other co-workers expect you to buy things from them too?  Did you feel trapped?  I’d love for you to leave your thoughts below.

Here’s what some of my friends have been saying on my Facebook page:

Jim Copenhaver YES... next question.

Angela Burke Paul- Nope. No one should be EXPECTED to buy anything.

Renita Marshall- It looks like there is an open box there. You're safe. Just don't buy anything where you have to write your name down: too much evidence.

Angela Burke Paul- LoL! And don't post your purchase on Facebook!

Renita Marshall- Dang. But it's almond!?! You didn't tell me that. Almond purchases are required by law under the deliciousness rule which does not cover: magazine subscriptions, wrapping paper, holiday ornaments or candles.

Lynne Moore- You may safe.  It is a open box.

Linda Milliron- Coveleski- I think so. Kids need our help with school stuff.

James Steed- I've sold my daughter's Girl Scout cookies at work, leaving the order form near the coffee station or other high traffic areas in the office or in our break room. Whoever ordered, ordered.

Amy Ann Bonavita Birmingham- You don't have to buy from everyone..... if they are selling something that interests you and you have the money to get it then by all means but don't feel obligated.

Denise Campbell- The candy bars are only $1.00. Don't bankrupt yourself buying stuff you don't need and can't afford. But of course, everyone needs candy!

Olivia Westcott Lancaster- I've had this same problem in the office. Every patient with kids send us their "buy my magazines, or candy, or donate for my walking around the track for charity" . If I give to one I feel guilty and give to all. I now pick and choose. No more magazines, no more candy (I tend to eat it all). And I no longer give to every charity. It's just over whelming. Technically, Glenn is your partner so you really should buy from him.