How cool must it be being Bubba Watson?  He can hit a golf ball 350 yards in the air.  He's won a Green jacket (Masters).  He lives in Tiger Woods old house.  Now he has a hovercraft golf cart.

We go to our local golf course and we have to drive around in gas, or if you're lucky electric, golf cart.  Not Bubba...His cart can hover on the water.  Now before you go looking for one at your local golf course.  You should know that Bubba is doing a promotion for Oakley. It's called BW1. It looks like if you want to get one, it'll run you about 20,000 dollars

If you go in the water as much i do (I swear I should aim for the water and then I'll never go in it),  then you could get almost play it from where it lies.  I don't expect to see Bubba in that cart when he defends his title at Augusta next weekend but it is one cool ride.