A couple of days ago as I was pulling out of my driveway I noticed that my neighbor’s back car window had been smashed in and was covered with plastic.  I live in a safe part of town, but safe just isn’t safe anymore. I never found out if what happened to my neighbor’s car was an act of crime, but it did make me double check that my car is locked every time I leave it and that anything of value is out of my car.

It seems there’s been a rash of thefts lately because all Broome County residents are asked to double check that they lock their vehicles when unattended, especially people who live in Chenango Bridge and Port Crane.

The Broome County Sheriff's Office says they’ve seen an increase in things being stolen from cars, especially in the Chenango Bridge and Port Crane areas and offer these tips to help protect yourself and your property:

  • Lock your vehicles, hide or secure valuables
  • Lock your homes, businesses and outbuildings
  • Utilize exterior lights, especially motion lights
  • Report suspicious vehicles & people to law enforcement  (last direction of travel, clothing, race, sex, vehicle descriptions, plate numbers, vehicle make/model)

In addition to Broome County Sheriff's, Binghamton police have also raised a red flag to recent thefts on the Southside. Binghamton police say many of these thefts are happening late and night and ask that you be on the lookout and call the police if you see any suspicious persons in your neighborhood, and keep a watch out for groups of youth on bicycles, possibly wearing backpacks.