You might remember that a couple days ago I told you about a rash of thefts in Chenango Bridge and Port Crane.  Well, the Broome County Sheriff’s Office is issuing the warning again because the number of thefts have stepped up.

The Broome County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating a bunch of thefts in Chenango Bridge and Hillcrest areas of Broome County. During these thefts, unidentified suspect(s) are entering unlocked cars and stealing various items. 

The thefts have been happening for the past ten days and members of the Sheriff’s Office are asking for help in identifying the person(s) responsible for these crimes.

If you have any information regarding the person(s) responsible you’re asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 607-778-2990 and asked to speak to Detective Sergeant Cower.

Sheriff David Harder reminds you that you should remove items of value from your car and lock them when unoccupied. If you spot someone acting suspiciously or if something is out of place in your neighborhood, you’re encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 607-778-1911, so that they can investigate the incident and ensure our community is not being subjected to these acts.