Let's get hypothetical for a second.  IF you were a successful recording artist and had a couple of number ones in a row, would you do something crazy like jump out of an airplane or swim in shark infested waters?

That's exactly what Brett Eldredge did when he received word that his fans took two of his songs to the top of the charts.

Brett's hit "Don't Ya" hit number one a year ago and he jumped out of an airplane.  His most recent number one, "Beat of The Music" sent him in shark infested waters deep in the ocean.  The singer songwriter will be featured in the new "People Country," and in the article explains how he teamed up with the non-profit group Rock The Ocean to take a couple of landmark dives.

Incidentally, Brett's new song is "Mean to Me," and the singer-songwriter has no idea what he will do if that song hits number one. HAWK listeners will get a preview of Brett's new smash on "Taste of Country Nights" with Sam Alex.