Brantley Gilbert is only 29, but he’s lived more life than most his age and to remember each step along the way, Brantley has transferred the memories, both good and bad to his body in the form of tattoos saying he views his body as a canvas to tell the story of his life.

Brantley sat down with the show NY Ink and explained that eight years ago he was in a horrific car accident where he flipped his truck end over end six times. He was ejected on the 5th flip and was ejected 12 to 15 in the air and hit his head on the side of a tree. Brantley should have died.

Brantley says, "When you look in the mirror you remember all the things you’ve been through and the things that are important to you and the beliefs you have that are gonna take you through everything else that you hadn’t gone through yet."

Brantley's new album, Just as I Am will be released May 19th.