On Tuesday we told you about how Brad Paisley shocked U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan with an impromptu concert on Sunday, but now Brad is giving us a little more insight into what went down.

Brad's surprise Memorial Day concert for about 3,000 U.S. troops stationed at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan was so top-secret that he couldn't even tell the insiders he works with what was going down. Brad said, "On phone lines it probably wouldn't even have been discussed. It was all very cryptic. There were very few people who knew. My wife knew."  And obviously President Obama knew because he's the one who launched the whole secret mission.

Brad added that, "Even my booking agent and people who were working the logistics didn't know where or why. It wasn't until they turned on the news that they saw what they'd helped arrange. Very few people even in the White House knew [the President] had gone."

Even though we'd love for Brad to spill about what he and the President discussed on Air Force One, Brad is staying pretty tight lipped only revealing that he had a little chat with the press on board about the show 'Nashville.'  Brad joked, "That's the only thing I'm actually qualified to give them any opinion on."