I didn't know it was possible to love Brad Paisley any more than I already did, but I was proven wrong.  In November, I moved to Binghamton from the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. So when I heard about this story it brought a smile to my face.

Lee Feldman, a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania man, battling pancreatic cancer, had a dying dream. His wish was to give his prized custom-made guitar to Brad Paisley.

Lee had that chance when he met Brad before a show in Hershey last fall and was able to hand over his guitar.

That night, Paisley made a promise to Feldman that he would use the guitar on his next album and it was a promise that he kept.

Brad used Lee’s guitar on “Officially Alive,” the last song on his new album Wheelhouse and there's no doubt in my mind that Lee is looking down and smiling.