Brad Paisley didn’t have to look very far for the inspiration behind his song “All In” for the new Disney-Pixar animated film Planes: Fire and Rescue.

Brad’s dad Doug pretty much raised him behind the wheel of a fire engine as the assistant chief of the local volunteer force in Glen Dale, West Virginia.

As a matter of fact, Brad says he almost became a firefighter before discovering his musical talents.

Brad told USA Today, “My father’s a firefighter. He was my whole life and my brother-in-law’s a firefighter. "My earliest memories are on these fire trucks," says Paisley. "There are more photographs of me from age 5 to 10 on these fire engines than there are photographs of me on birthdays.” Brad went on to say: "It was easy to write this song that shows what matters to me, we owe them a debt. There isn't a firefighter that's had to buy himself a beer since 9/11. That's how it ought to be."

Here's a sneak peek of the new movie and Brad's song: