Two more U.S. troops can expect to roll VIP with Brad Paisley and their families at his Boston show this August.

During his show in  Maine on Sunday, Brad spied Amanda Kelly and Erin Donnell with over-sized cardboard cutouts of their significant others who are sergeants Ryan Kelly and Dana Gross, both stationed at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, where Brad visited three weeks ago with President Obama.

Brad was touched buy the signs and tweeted a picture of the cutouts in the audience, asking followers to help track down the real soldiers behind the cardboard. He says, “They’re more than faces on a poster to me. These are each individuals, and it’s a really huge reminder that these guys over there have lives back here… I wanted to know their names and who they are.”

Within hours of his Tweet, Brad’s search had reached Bagram Airfield, where Dana started his Monday with some new Facebook photo tags from back home. Dana says, “One of my buddies here follows Brad on Twitter or Facebook...and happened to recognize the two flat daddies and tagged me in a comment. Then Erin and Amanda started tagging me in photos on Facebook. Not a bad way to start a day from over here.”