The Boys & Girls Club of Western Broome Gymnastics Team Campaign is an exciting way for the Club to raise funds to propel its Gymnastics Program into the future. It can be a success, thanks to you and Dick's Sports Matter.

The Club's Gymnastics program began in 1984. It graduates youth and helps them become productive and caring citizens. In the program, kids begin gymnastics at 3 and continue through the age of 18. They are encouraged to eat healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle.

4 shows are held every year at the Club to showcase their talent and help raise money for equipment, uniforms, travel expenses and more. The team competes at the state level and at nationals in Orlando.

Donor help is needed because they receive a matching grant from Dick's Sports Matters. It requires them to raise half of the money required to run the Gymnastics Program. They have 5 weeks to raise the match.

Because of funding cuts, the program is in jeopardy. Most team members participate in the free and reduced lunch program at school and could not afford to participate in private gymnastics programs.

Participating in gymnastics gives them a safe place to learn and grow, where they are taught life skills, goal setting, facing fears, teamwork, work ethic, self-esteem and determination.

It helps ensure they are involved in meaningful activities and encourages them to develop qualities needed to become responsible citizens and leaders and reach their full potential.  To donate and find out more about this campaign, go here.

Thank you for help.