You might remember that earlier this week I told you about a homeless man in Boston who found a backpack filled with $40,000 and turned it over to police and you might remember that I mentioned that I hoped good would find the homeless man because he deserved it. Well, its true- good follows good.

The homeless man’s name has been revealed as Glen James. Glen’s act of honesty moved the people of Boston so much that they’ve stepped up to help him out. In a HUGE way.

Boston native Ethan Whittington started a donation page with the goal of raising money to help Glen get his life back on track- and that page, as I type this, has already raised over 94,000! Ethan says his goal is to also help Glen, who lives in a homeless shelter and makes money panhandling, to find a job and permanent home.

Glen was honored by the city of Boston at a ceremony and awarded a special citation for his “extraordinary show of character and honesty” by Police Commissioner Ed Davis. In a statement, James said, “Even if I were desperate for money, I would not have kept even a penny of the money I found.”

I got teary eyed when I heard about this because it showed me that there are good people in the world and reaffirmed my belief that good follows good. It might not always come in the form of $94,000, but it’ll come eventually.

In reading through the comments on the donation page, I ran across this one from Cynthia Lasprogata:

I would be delighted to offer James a one bedroom apartment attached to an 1840 farmhouse and 100 acres in Greene, New York until he is back on his feet financially.”

You, Cynthia are a beautiful and selfless human being and I’m glad to know you’re part of the greater Binghamton community.