I took some time to spend a couple of days in Boston with friends. While I was perusing the streets, I found something that I thought was long extinct. A locally owned record store! I mean, they had DVD's, cassettes, CD's and the like, but mostly all LP's under the "newer" stuff and an entire back room stuffed full.

Photo By: Rich Birdsall

I felt nostalgia and confusion come over me all at once. Now with the iPod, MP3's and so many digital devices out there, the ability to go to iTunes or Amazon and buy that new album or single and have it in your player instantly. How does a record store survive? Turntables and speakers are not portable, but according to some experts the sound quality of vinyl is still exceptional, but vinyl wears out and mp3's last forever. I am overjoyed that this shop was still in existance and the sight, smell and feel of the store brought back memories of being a kid and constantly looking for new music in these Mom and Pop shops. The closest thing we have left is FYE in the mall.

Their inventory was vast, everything from orchestral, Jazz to Rock. That in itself worries me. If the shop is that full of inventory how many LP's are they selling? I hope for only the best for this little shop in the heart of Boston. Even if they evolve into selling modern media along with the LP's. We need these shops to survive. I'll be at my place relaxing with some Jazz, and an iced tea. You in?