27 year old Jeff Bauman was at the Boston Marathon on Monday.  He was there cheering on his girlfriend when one of the bombs went off.  Jeffrey lost both of his legs from the knees down.According to reports Jeff, a native of Massachusetts, was the first person in surgery at Boston Medical Center on Monday because his injuries and blood loss were so severe.  According to a Facebook post from Jeff's dad,  doctors had to amputate his legs because of extensive vascular and bone damage.

Jeff's is just one of the many stories of people affected by such a senseless act of crime.  I've been in touch with Jeff's friends and family and they've told me he would really appreciate some letters of love.

I'd like to invite you to either fill out the form below and submit a letter of love to Jeff or if you'd rather, you can send your letter to me at:

98.1 The Hawk

c/o Traci Taylor

59 Court Street

Binghamton, NY 13901

I will be sending out a care package to Jeff next Friday with cards, letters, drawings and lots of love to let him know that he's not alone in the midst of his pain and that we are holding him in our hearts.

Sources: Jeff's Aunt Jennifer Joyce and friend Sayer Usher, Valley News, WLS-TV