So my son Devon is wearing a shirt that says "Bless your Face."  I and many others ask him about the shirt and what does it mean.  Well does "Tobuscus" mean anything to you....Me neither until now.  Tobuscus is a YouTube star that promotes computer games and videotapes himself doing funny things while commentating about it.  He wants you to know that if you sneezed during his segment then "bless your face."  Now whenever someone passes by Devon they say "Bless your Face."  I say to him "May your Face be with you" but that doesn't seem to be catching on.

Photo by Glenn Pitcher

Tobuscus is one of those things that if you have kids,  they'll know what it is right away.  I checked out a couple of his videos and they seem to be kid friendly but I wouldn't take my word on it.  I only saw a few but they seemed funny enough....ok funny enough to make me want to do them myself.  Now if only I can figure out how to work the camera with me in the corner then I would be set.

Finally if you sneezed while reading this then "Bless Your Face."