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A lot of people are intimidated by critics, but not Blake Shelton. Joey Guerra from the Houston Chronicle recapped The Voice in an article and wrote: "Oh. Holly Tucker is gone. It took much too long. But finally. Back to Baylor University in Waco for you, madam." Joey then tweeted, "#TheVoice sends one singer back to Texas. Don't worry, it's not the one we care about."

The "one we care about" is a reference to Houston native Danielle Bradbery. Probably not the nicest choice of words.

Well, this didn’t make Blake too happy, so he went on a little Twitter tirade after reading what Joey said about Holly who was obviously eliminated from the show this week

Here’s what Blake had to say on Twitter: "It's people like you @joeyguerra that make me sick... Holly is not only a talented singer but a great person that's simply chasing a dream."

But Blake didn’t stop there- he continued to rant, but eventually apologized, not to Joey, but to his fans by tweeting: "I'm sorry for going off y'all... But I am passionate about encouraging young people to follow their dreams. We good people don't need hate."

If you wanna check out Blake's whole rant, here it is:

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