So Black Friday shopping is about here.  As always, we want to find the best deals.  We look through circulars, in fact at my house it's kind of a tradition. We get the paper and look through it, my daughter Tara likes to circle the things that see likes, and just to make sure we don't miss what she circled, she also writes them all down on a list. Traci Taylor also has a story, you can find at our website that tells you about different apps you can use to help you out with your Black Friday experience (or shopping if you like.)

Another thing to look for when your out this weekend is "Price Codes."  It's codes to price tags.  For example: Target (which opens Thanksgiving at 8) price code works like this.  Full price code ends in 9.  Every time they discount a product the final digit of the price drops.  The lowest the last digit will drop is 4, so if you see something at Target and it ends in 4 then buy it.  The price will not go any lower.  My saying is "If it ends in 4, it's not going down anymore."

Sears price codes: ends in .99 means regular price, .98 means no coupons or sales, .97 means clearance/discontinued, .93 means refurb/open-box and .88 means closeout. Sears has a Black Friday which includes a 10 dollar coupon if you spend 40 or more.

Finally a great place to go check out before you go to any store is Retail me not has printable coupons, coupon codes, black friday coupons and you can even browse by category.  I realize it's not the same as getting the paper and spreading it out with your family and going through it, however when your on line it's a nice place to go.  If your out and end up going to a store that wasn't in your original plans, you go on line quick and see what that store has to offer.

This will all end up being bad news for my in laws John and Lauries favorite shopping tradition. The "Lets go to different stores at the same time and call each other and see what the best price is" tradition..  It reminds me of the running of the bulls, John goes to aisle 4 for TV deals and then is sent to aisle 12 for the price on kids clothes and then back to aisle 1 for jewelry.

Well good luck to all and may all your holiday shopping wishes come true this season known as Black Friday.

Michael Nagle, Getty Images