First, and most importantly. I'd like to say "CONGRATULATIONS MR. & MRS. BRYCE!!!" Now... being a wedding DJ, you see the good and bad of families, friends, vendors and venues. Ray and Holly hired us to DJ/MC their special day. Everything went off with a hitch! It began with a SERIOUS rain storm but it turned out to be a great day! I was able to get the perfect up lighting arranged for the room and arrange a sound system and lighting rig that matched the venue perfectly. The rain lifted and the sun peered through the clouds ever so slightly and The wedding reception was about to begin!!  The introductions where fun as the bride and groom strut into the venue as their Chicago Bulls Theme/Sexy and I Know It Mash-up was playing. All of the formal dances where perfect and toasts were engaging and comical. The guests enjoyed delicious food from the venue kitchen and danced the night away on the dance floor!

By now you must be saying "Rich... what is bittersweet about any of this? It sounds like you had a great night!" Well I did, But that will be the last perfect evening at The Baron's Inn. That venue has been open since 1946. My family and I would take the fifteen minute ride to Greene NY for any special occasion at The Baron's Inn. Now, I was able to DJ the very last wedding that venue will ever host. It seems that the venue closed and was sold to a firm that will make it into apartment buildings. The whole evening was bittersweet to me because I've always enjoyed working with the staff at The Baron's Inn. They've always been kind and treated me as one of there own. So while we danced and filled our bellies on a joyous day for newly wedded The Bryce family, We also lost a great place to host those events like these as well. The Baron's Inn has been a landmark in this area since 1946 and will be sorely missed.