OK bottom line, construction is going to happen. It’s how we move forward with safety, decreased travel times and repair the roadways that make your bladder almost explode on the way to your destination. Here’s some tips from me on how to make the best of it.

You will be way more easily annoyed if you are not prepared for the crazy that comes with lane closures during construction season. Here’s your scenario: The right lane is closed up ahead and there’s a merge set up with cones. Instead of the rest of your fellow drivers moving into the left lane early to avoid delays, they decide to go as fast as possible in the lane that is about to end and cut in ahead of you. Effectively leaving you at a standstill. You might want to think about getting some coffee in your body before the possibility of this scenario happens. You’ll be alert, and WAAAY more patient of the budgers. Heck you might even feel feisty enough to be one yourself!

Give yourself more time. You had construction on your morning commute yesterday. It made you 15 minutes late. Leave 20 minutes early.  This will ensure you have enough time to get out of the road work and to work with time to spare. You know, just in case you forgot to submit one of those TPS Reports yesterday!

Check your gasoline level every night when you pour yourself out of your vehicle. You don’t want to harsh your morning hangover by spitting and sputtering to the side of the road until you stall. Idling in construction and traffic delays will burn that last 30 miles on your Distance To Empty gauge in what seems like a blink of an eye.

Bring some good tunes!!! I recommend 98.1 The Hawk on your radio to keep you upbeat and happy while you wait for Johnny Steamroller to let the traffic go. If you broke your radio in your 1984 Saturn and only the cassette player adapter and a aux cord are available, get all your favorite “time flies by happy tunes” on your mp3 player!

Last but not least, pay attention to the road, other drivers and construction. I know you will be temped to start answering your emails and making phone calls and texts but, you really shouldn’t. while you were looking down at your phone sending that email about the good sales numbers that resulted from your coworkers out of the box promotion idea, some pretentious jerk in tricked out hybrid just cut in front of you dang near leaving that weird color changing paint of theirs all over your fender!