It takes a lot to annoy me but time and time again, when traveling in Downtown Binghamton, I find the traffic lights are extemely slow for no reason at all.  I joke with my co-workers that Downtown Binghamton lights are set to 1975 when there was actually a rush of shoppers.  Today, most traffic lights in the Southern Tier are up to date with timers.  Not the traffic light in front of the Federal Court House on Henry and Court Streets.  Not the traffic lights near NYSEG stadium.  There's a 4 minute wait on red and a 40 second go on green!

What can be done?  Well, I took it upon myself to try to get an answer but after 20 minutes of city officials transferring me to other departments and a handful of puzzled workers, I gave up.  My question to you is, does this annoy you when you travel from point A to point B in Downtown Binghamton?  Does it annoy you that is nearly impossible to get answers from local government?  And what aother traffic lights need upgrading in your city or town?  I would love to hear from you. I feel better!  Back to 98.1 the Hawk's 20-In-A-Row, in my car!