The Shop. In the Heart of downtown Binghamton and a tasty destination for anyone driving through or on foot! Our waitstaff was attentive and prompt and the owner was cheery and accommodating! All of our food was prepared quite quickly, was tasty and presented well on the plate! The ambiance of The Shop was awesome. felt like an upscale bar and grub place in a big city, right here in Binghamton. Offering everything from pizza to sandwiches with Sambucca infused coffee! Yep they have an espresso machine on site! The seating was comfortable and the place was clean. Very clean! Not even a water spot on the table. I would guess free wifi too as I said hello to a few folks sitting by the window with laptops open, powering through their homework. Check ou the restaurant week menu!

All great food, service and ambiance. Don't miss The Shop!