Binghamton Restaurant Week is in full swing through Thursday April 10th so if there’s a local restaurant you’ve wanted to check out, but haven’t yet, this is the time to do it.

While I’ve driven by it a million times, I’ve never been to Number 5, so when I saw it was on the list of participating restaurants, I knew I had to go and I’m so glad I did. I went for dinner last night and didn’t leave disappointed.

Number 5 is offering a 3 course meal for only $25 for dinner during Binghamton Restaurant Week. I started with their stuffed mushrooms. I've got to stop right here and tell you that these mushrooms were the best that I've ever had anywhere, and I've tried a lot.The mushroom caps are stuffed with feta cheese and spinach in a sauce of lemon, butter, garlic and oregano that was so delicious I wanted to lick my plate.  As my waitress Katie said, they "rock my world."

For my main course, I enjoyed a perfectly cooked and smooth as butter prime sirloin steak smothered in mushrooms & onions. I finished off my meal with a light yet rich cannoli. When I say I finished off my meal, I mean I had to get a good portion of it wrapped to take home because it was so full I couldn't finish it in one sitting.

My entire experience was phenomenal. I loved the history of the building (it's a former firehouse) and ambiance of the dining area. As I sat surrounded by antique books I felt as though I were dining in my own home. Seated next to me where two Binghamton Senators who were served just the same as me and everyone else in our dining room and I thought that it was pretty special that we were all treated as though we were on the same playing field. No one person was more special than the other, but we were all made to feel like royalty. Check out how my coffee was served (on a silver platter!):

My waitress Katie was absolutely the best waitress I've ever had.  When I placed my drink order, I asked for a water with no ice. Not because I wanted to be difficult, but because I have sensitive teeth. When the man came to my table to fill my glass, he added ice. I didn't say anything because it really wasn't a big deal. But Katie saw the ice in my glass and came back with a new glass of water minus the ice. Katie didn't have to go that extra step, but she did. She made my experience a lighthearted, warm and welcome one and I can't wait to visit Number 5 again. Hopefully she'll be my waitress again.

Don’t forget that Binghamton Restaurant Week is going on through Thursday April 10th and this is an amazing chance to check out some local restaurants and help out a good cause too as a portion of the proceeds benefit both VINES and Boys & Girls Clubs.

See the list of restaurants participating in Binghamton Restaurant Week here.