There are three days left in Binghamton Restaurant Week, so if there's a a local restaurant you’ve wanted to check out, but haven’t yet, this is the time to do it.

All of my friends have been raving about a place called Czech Pleeze so when I saw it was on the list of participating Binghamton Restaurant Week locations, I was excited to check it out.

I took Glenn to lunch after the Hawk Morning Show yesterday.  Neither of us had been to Czech Pleeze, but I'll tell you this- our experience exceeded any possible expectations we could have had.  Czech Pleeze is located at 223 Robinson Street in Binghamton right across from the old Cameo Theater.  As soon as I walked in the doors, I knew I was going to like it because it had a very warm feel.  Glenn and I were greeted by Dan who explained that they didn't have a traditional wait staff.  We ordered from the counter, sat ourselves and our food was brought to us.

I ordered the Holubpki Combo. Dan explained that the recipe for holubki was handed down from his mom and includes fresh cabbage leaves wrapped around beef and rice, lightly seasoned and cooked in an old world style of sauerkraut and tomato sauce. The holubki I had was some of the best I’ve ever tasted.  I added to the combo meal a fresh side salad and spicy mac and cheese that was obviously homemade and out of this world fantastic.  For dessert I opted for the coconut pie that was light and tasty.

Glenn ordered the City Chicken Combo, a Binghamton favorite of Seasoned Pork and Chicken skewered on a stick, breaded and pan seared and then baked to a crispy golden brown.  He started his meal with ham and bean soup and added THREE sides.  Yes, Glenn was hungry.  He got the halushka, macaroni salad and potato salad.  I was able to talk him into letting me taste his halushka and it was the best I’ve ever had.  If you’re not familiar with halushka- it’s a dish that sticks to your ribs and fills your belly.  Halushka is made with cabbage, noodles, garlic and onions.  Delish!  Glenn finished off his meal with a cookie sampler platter that I’m guessing was tasty because he wolfed down his cookies before I had a chance to ask for a bite.

You simply can't go wrong with lunch at Czech Pleeze. For $10 you get a starter, meal with sides and dessert and it's filling and satisfying.

To learn more about Czech Pleeze and the other restaurants participating in Binghamton Restaurant Week (hurry, because Restaurant Week ends Thursday evening), check this out.