When is a week that goes 10 days a good thing?????? When it's Binghamton Restaurant Week. Hurry because it ends on Thursday (4/10). Tara and I went to Binghamton Hots, 128 Washington Street. It was DIVINE, I'll explain at the end.

I love the atmosphere of the place. Everyone was very friendly and they seem to really enjoy what they are doing. We were greeted at the counter by Corey. I had my Tara cheerleader button on my coat. Corey had been a cheerleader too. They bonded instantly.

For my 3 course lunch I started with the Creamy White Bean soup. My 2nd course was the Philly Cheesesteak and Fresh Cut Fries. I really liked the sauce on the Cheesesteak, I wish I had asked what kind of sauce it was, YUMMY YUMMY.

I ended with a Strawberry Glazed Fudge Brownie. It had Strawberry Sauce, a Strawberry and Whipped Cream on the side....It didn't stay on the side very long. I need to get a couple of these to take home with me.

Tara went with the traditional Chicken Tenders and Fries. She got the honey mustard for the Tenders but she used the sauce for her fries. She commented that the honey mustard was the perfect match for the fries. She also asked me to find out how they made the sauce. I told her that it was a ancient Binghamton Hots secret....She didn't get the joke. If you don't either then Google "Ancient Chinese Secret."

She also ended her meal with the Strawberry Glazed Fudge Brownie. She was full so she decided to take it home. However only the Brownie made it home, the Strawberry and Whipped Cream never made it out of the Restaurant.

Binghamton Hots is just a couple of blocks up from the Arena. Stop by before or after the hockey game. Also stop by during Binghamton Restaurant week. For lunch, dinner or some late night fare after a night out, it's DIVINE.

Ok here's the story about "DIVINE." When Tara and I were done eating. Tara said to me, "Daddy when you blog about this, tell them I said, it's DIVINE and everyone should eat here."  I certainly agree with her.

If you've heard of the place but haven't stopped by, do it, you won't be disappointed. Thanks to Dave, Corey and the rest of the folks at Binghamton Hots.

Binghamton Restaurant Week ends tomorrow (4/10) and a portion of the proceeds benefit VINES as well as the Binghamton Boys and Girls Clubs.