Binghamton has some wonderful restaurants and Binghamton Restaurant Week today thru March 21st, is a great opportunity to try a new restaurant for lunch or dinner.

One of the restaurants I was anxious to try was Czech Pleeze, a bright, clean, family-style restaurant that sits on the East side of Binghamton, across from the old Cameo Theatre on Robinson Street.

Czech Pleeze is a small mom and pop eatery that serves about 20 people.  When I walked in, I didn't know what to expect.  What I found was nothing fancy (disposable utensils) but a wonderful variety of the Czech food I grew up on in a friendly atmosphere.

If you like homemade halupki, city chicken and homemade pirohi, you need to check out Czech Pleeze.  Everything at this restaurant is homemade and the family that's cooking seems to care about your feedback.  Eating the homemade kolachki brought back many memories for this Slovak boy.

I very much enjoyed the Sampler Platter which was like a sample of heaven for me.  I would definitely go back to Czech Pleeze and bring lots of friends with me.

The only thing that saddened me if when I had to leave and say "check please."  But I was assured I could return and try more of their excellent homemade food.

If you're thinking of visiting during Binghamton Restaurant Week, you can't beat the $10.00 lunch price or $15.00 for dinner. Click HERE for the special Restaurant Week menu.  If you were to make this cuisine at home, it would cost you a fortune on time, money and ingredients.

4 Stars for Czech Pleeze