We all know that talking on your cell and texting are no, no’s but State Police in and around Binghamton are stepping up their efforts big time to find people doing both and if caught, prepare to feel the sting.

State Police are ramping up their efforts as part of their distracted driving campaign. What that means is that the state has received extra funding to help them nab law breakers so there are going to be a lot more eyes watching you and what you do in your car.

But- if you think you’re going to be able to spot the police keeping an eye out for you, it won’t be at easy.  Police will be in unmarked cars while they do their enforcement detail.

And if you think you’ll just receive a slap on the wrist, think again. According to Captain Eric Janis:

The points on licenses on July 1st were increased to 5 points on a license for a violation. The fine is already at a $150 for a maximum. Starting July 26, the fine for a maximum for repeat offenders will go up to $400.

Over 2,000 tickets have been issued by local State Police this year to people in violation of the hands free law.

And the crackdown doesn’t just apply to people using their phones.  The Broome County Sherriff’s Office has been keeping their eyes open for aggressive drivers too. The highway patrol wrote over 200 tickets in a weeklong period and 146 of those tickets went to people who were speeding.