To tell you the truth, I never followed Sheryl Crow's music.  I knew who she was and knew of her famous boyfriend at the time, Lance Armstrong.  Then she had a couple of country hits, including 'Picture' with Kid Rock, and all of a sudden country fans seemed to be liking Sheryl Crow.

Fast forward to 2013 and Sheryl releases a single to country radio called 'Easy.'  The song paints a picture and is 'Easy' to love and the tune is a hit.  In the song, she mentions an artist by the name of Jack Johnson.  She says he's "the new Don Ho."  Some may not know who the late Don Ho is but he's famous for music of the islands and a song called 'Tiny Bubbles.'

But getting back to who Jack Johnson is.  Jack is a popular 38 year old Hawaiian-born singer/ surfer, which in Hawaii, goes hand in hand.  2001 was Jack's year as his debut album 'Brushfire Fairytails' was a big seller in folk rock circles.

Take a look at some of Jack's work, including a song he cut for the 'Curious George' movie soundtrack.  Hey, anyone who loves Curious George, is a friend of mine.