Hawk fans in the Southern Tier have many wonderful images of Memorial Day.  When you were a wee one, it was being able to stay outside a little longer and play with your friends.  When you were a teen, it was the start of nicer weather and the unofficial kick off of Summer.  The college years meant final exams, graduation and a hopefully fun Summer ahead.

It seems this Memorial Day we have more to remember.  The people that lost their lives in the New Jersey floods and more recently the devastation in Oklahoma.  Memorial Day is also a day to remember your loved ones and people that serve our country.

Over the last week, I asked my listeners their favorite songs that may represent Memorial Day the best.  And while there were many great songs mentioned by Lee Brice, Johnny Cash, Aaron Tippin and Tim McGraw, the two that seemed to be mentioned more than the others are tunes by Rodney Atkins and Toby Keith.

Out of the two songs below, which one "gets you" this Memorial Day?

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day my friend.