I remember being a kid when AIDS became a huge topic of discussion.  There was so much unknown and while we've come such a long way with AIDS research, there's still so much more to learn and so many people to help.The Southern Tier AIDS Program was founded in 1984 and provides support and services to people living with HIV.  Their services focus on the health and well being of HIV positive people and incorporate a harm reduction perspective.

The Binghamton AIDS Walk Run 2013 takes place this Sunday, April 21st at the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex at 1500 Airport Road in Binghamton.

You can Walk – Run or challenge yourself to Patterson’s Punisher, a rigorous obstacle course.  Choose one or all three, organize a team and bring them to the Walk/Run. You will help raise funds to provide essential AIDS services and 100% of your donation stays here in the Southern Tier.

Choose Your Challenge(s):

  •  Walk- 11am
  • Run- 9am
  • Punisher- 10am-2pm

There will be something for everyone at this year's 16th annual AIDS Walk. Whether you are young or old; an avid runner or mild enthusiast; highly competitive or just staying the course, we had you covered, literally, because this year's event will be held in the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex Dome on Airport Road.

For more information or to register for the Binghamton AIDS Walk Run 2013, click here.