Let's toss some words around here... THE BIG GAME! Everybody wants their party to be the biggest and baddest Big Game Awesomeness in the planet. But I've found that sometimes the simplest of things create the most joy.

Lets start with finger foods... You've seen the pictures on the internet of the colossal stadium built of sandwiches and meats and cheeses... YOU DON'T NEED THAT! It takes too much time and everyone just wants to destroy and devour what you've built. Unless you've invited 50 or more guests most of that is going to go to waste anyway.  With all that food crammed into one space everything will start tasting like it's neighbor anyway.

Now here's a pro tip. You cannot go wrong with bacon. Wrap those mini cocktail dogs with a half strip of bacon and bake em til the bacon is done! Or cut potatoes in half and spoon some space outta them for some cheese, bacon chunks, onions... bake 'em and plop on sour cream! How about Dark Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes? Even better, have all of your guests bring their favorite dish, at least then there will be one thing on the table you know they'll eat!

Deco... OK, we've stores for these things... but why not make some of them? Try buying some outdoor carpeting that resembles astroturf and paint some white lines and numbers on a rectangle of the stuff with a set of numerical stencils. Perfect table cloth. You get the idea... Let your creativity shine through. If you need technical assistance, there are plenty of local craft shops that employ crafty people to help you.

SPEND THE MONEY on thick paper plates and plastic cups. A party of any kind is great... but cleaning your hubby's best friends girlfriends wing dip out of your carpet will change your attitude about the whole night. If the plate breaks and the Fudge Round's hit the rug it can be a real "Little Debbie" downer... All bad jokes aside... You gotta buy good plates.

Last but not least... keep you and your guests booze consumption to a mediocre level. If the guests are going past a 6 pack of the brewery's best and girls are past 4 glasses of wine they didn't come to have a good time and watch the game. They came to get drunk on your dollar and possibly make a mess of your beloved rug, front porch, bathroom... and then you have to worry about taking keys, and sleeping arrangements, blah blah.

Happy "BIG GAME" y'all!!