The Big Game is this Sunday night. Since the game is only a couple hours away, I have some friends thinking about going. Caution: Counterfeiters are getting good at passing off fake tickets, like this guy. Here's how to tell.

1) Super is spelled with two o's.

2) The tickets say that they're on the 51 yard line.

3) It say's the game is between the Mariners and the Rockies or 49ers and Patriots.

2) "Whatever you got in your wallet" as a ticket price.

1) It says "These are not fake tickets" right on it.

Seriously if you're going to the game, try to get them ahead of time from a place you trust. The one counterfeiter they caught also had tickets to the NHL game at Yankee Stadium and Billy Joel concert tickets.

I had a good friend get tickets for the opener of the new Yankee Stadium a few years ago outside the stadium. It was with his son. They were fake. So he was out the money and out of the game.